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Panda Cory (Corydoras Panda)

Panda Cory (Corydoras Panda)

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Panda Cory

Corydoras Panda

The Panda Cory or Corydoras Panda is a cory species that gets to be about 1.5-2 inches in length and is one of the smallerCory Catfish. The Panda Cory Cat has a black and white coloration similar to a giant panda. In general, Corys prefer to be in groups of 6 or more. The different Cory species can usually be mixed without any issue. Corys are peaceful fish that search on or in the substrate with their barbells for food. Sand or smooth gravel is preferred.

Environment for Panda Cory

It is native to the upper reaches Amazon Basin. This includes the Ucayali River and eastern Peru. They prefer water temperature from 70f to 82f and a PH from 6.0 to 7.4. They would do well in a well-filtered 10 gallon, but a 20 gallon or larger is preferred. These fish have sensitive barbells or whiskers and one should have the proper substrate for them. To keep their barbels (whiskers) in the best condition, fine sand or smooth gravel should be used as the substrate.

Feeding Panda Cory

Corydoras are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods. Good Quality sinking food like Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food or Northfin Kelp wafers is a great choice. Most high-quality sinking food will be fine. They will also eat fresh vegetables like cucumber or zucchini. Take a look at other Corys for sale at Michaels Fish Room here. Corydoras do best in a group of 6 or more. They are great for the community fish tank as they are peaceful and will help keep the bottom clean. They do well with livebearers, plecos, tetras, and most other peaceful fish.  The fish you receive are captive-breed and fasted for forty-eight hours before shipment.  

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