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This was my first time

This was my first time ordering fish online. Michael was great to work with.
The USPS is having troubles at the moment and even though the fish were accepted at Michael’s post office on Monday, they did not arrive until Saturday. When the post office failed to track the package leaving NJ, Michael went to them to insure that it had been sent.
I was nervous opening the box. But, the fish were great. All survived. The water in the bag was clear. I was also surprised how colorful they were. They lose color when stressed and so many days in the box should have stolen all their color. But, I got rich blues and bright oranges. I can’t wait to see how much better they get when they have settled in.

Annie Currie

Seeded Sponge Filters are a LIFESAVER!!!!

Seeded Sponge Filter

I was pretty doubtful that seeded filters would survive being transported in a box but gave it a try anyways. I was not disappointed when i added the cycled filter to an uncycled aquarium. Like his youtube vidoes say “boom cycled”

Michael Chong

A very happy customer!

My guppies arrived today! The fish are beautiful. Very healthy. Vibrant colors. Just as pictured on website. I will be buying from Michael again. I have bought from other sources online but nothing compares to Michaels quality. His customer service is wonderful. Thank you again Michael!

Kathleen DeGennaro

Excellent Communication & Fish

My order consisted of a pair of guppies and Mike handled the order very well. I requested a Tuesday as a shipping day and he informed me that I could ship the next week instead due to some out of town activities. Once the fish were shipped I kept in touch with Mike on the progress of shipping and he kept me well up to date. Despite USPS’ best efforts to kill them by giving the shipping process 8 days, they finally arrived alive and well, and looking fantastic. I highly recommend Michael’s Fish Room for purchasing fish online, I plan to keep doing so in the future. Thank you Mike!

Colton Bennett

Outstanding transaction!

Received my first order from Michael today. All fish arrived healthy and of excellent quality. I look forward to our next transaction. Buy from this guy with no worries. thanks Michael.

Paul McGuire

Believe the Hype!

I’ve been watching Michael on YouTube for some time now. His down-to-earth presentation style and experience-based opinions have kept me coming back. This weekend I decided I needed to do more to show my support than just subscribe – hands down a quality experience from start to finish!

I’ve watched his videos and I saw how he ships fish. I knew exactly what to expect and I got exactly what I expected. Quality.

After ordering I became concerned with the shipping times USPS quoted and dropped Michael a note. He replied quickly and assured me all would be well -he didn’t say it, but I felt he’d take care of me if things didn’t. Thankfully, a Saturday delivery expectation became Thursday and everyone made it safe and sound.

If you haven’t watched Michael’s videos, you’re missing out. If you’re on the fence about buying fish through the mail – don’t be! Michael is legit. You won’t be disappointed.


Will Rose

Way More Than I Expected!

These fish made a 3000 mile trip with no issues at all – arrived at a perfect 74 degrees. They are extremely sturdy and happy fish – not like the fragile petunia’s that I am accustomed to seeing around Los Angeles. Michael knows what he is doing and he does it very well. I would not hesitate to order from him again and look forward to doing more business in the future.

don repella

I ordered 15 mutt guppies

I ordered 15 mutt guppies the beginning of March. I followed everything Michael said to do in his you tube videos. As of today may 26th.
I have 2–month old fry and just today I have 2 more fry. All are going great. Michael’s vidoes are helpful and funny.
Keep up the great work.

Terri Frank

My first order

I had never ordered fish online before. A great experience. My mutts arrived healthy and are doing fine. Nice selection, fair prices, quick service. I am setting up a big tank and I can’t wait to stock it with Michael’s fish. If he has what you need, I highly recommend Michael’s.

Joseph Miller

Great Experience

This is my second shipment of mutts, unfortunately the male in the first shipment was DOA but things happen. After an email and paying the shipping for a replacement male, the box came in and on the bag was written, “sorry about the DOA, I have added a bonus female”. Very cool and he didnt have to… great guy. Super pleased with the product and customer/seller interaction.

Justin Woods

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