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My first order

I had never ordered fish online before. A great experience. My mutts arrived healthy and are doing fine. Nice selection, fair prices, quick service. I am setting up a big tank and I can’t wait to stock it with Michael’s fish. If he has what you need, I highly recommend Michael’s.

Joseph Miller

Great Experience

This is my second shipment of mutts, unfortunately the male in the first shipment was DOA but things happen. After an email and paying the shipping for a replacement male, the box came in and on the bag was written, “sorry about the DOA, I have added a bonus female”. Very cool and he didnt have to… great guy. Super pleased with the product and customer/seller interaction.

Justin Woods

Tops In My Little Black Book of Quality Breeders!

Two boxes received so far, but not the last!! I’ve purchased thousands of mail-order fish from commercial sources and breeders alike. Michael provides not only the best communication but by-far the best quality guppies and plecos. I was amazed and encouraged that the specimens were mature enough to thrive. While most send 3/4-inch guppies you have to wait weeks before breeding, Mike’s stock was ready for prime-time out of the box. Seriously . . . who sells 2″ quality pregnant guppies for these prices?

All I can really say is, “Bravo! Michael, you’ve earned a return customer!”



Kevin White
OutaSight Aquatics


THANK YOU MICHAEL. Just received my fish about 1 hour ago. They are in their new home swimming around with Larry-moe.-and curly (mollies).
All are doing and looking great. THANKS😁😁😁😁😁

Love your you tube…have learned alot. This is my first aquarium.

Terri Frank

Michael’s packing overcame postman stupidity

ordered a pair of guppies. michael’s packing clearly stated “live fish”..temperature 81%. postman put box in my metal mailbox in the direct sun. fortunately I happened to check my email and with the excellant packing and insulation the fish were happy, healthly, and beautiful. can’t wait to place my next order. thanks Michael

gerald welt

Total unbelievable

Michael shipped on monday came in on Wednesday I live in Las Vegas nv.
Everyone is alive and look amazing. If you are looking for guppies or plecos. Michael’s fishroom is the place to order from.

Tom Swihart

Great Communication

I am very pleased with my new guppies. Great service due to good communication. Seemingly happy and hyper guppies straight out of the bag! Thanks Mike.

Joel Allen

I love these lil’ fuggers!!!

Honest guy with a knack for raising awesome strains. I have the Japanese Blues and 2 plecos and wow! Already have more on the way! Thanks Mike, I toast my morning glass of mulm to you sir!

Yancy Holland

Phenomenal customer service and shipping

I have just recently received two orders without any issues although he did not have some of the strains of guppy’s I was looking for However He did point me in the right direction to some beautiful blue tuxedo guppy’s which I purchased he answered all of my questions and emails in a professional and timely manner I would highly recommend Michael’s fish room to anyone looking for guppies and Plecos he also has a YouTube channel That has a lot of valuable information.

Scott Bradley Sutton Junior

Guppies With Awesome-sauce

I decided to try the online fish thing. I was tired of the poor pet store quality and selection of guppies. I ordered some guppy mutts and they are beautiful and healthy. There was even a handful of extra little guppy fry in the bag and I can’t wait to see what they’ll grow into. Thank you! I’m also eager to try the food samples that were included. Now I just need to see if I can get advice on how to manage my new guppy addiction :-)


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