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Mutt guppys

Aside from the USPS causing panic with not scanning the shipment; The fish arrived and acclimated almost instantaneously. I love the variations in color and finnage that were in this lot, The fact that they were well taken care of and healthy prior to shipping probably contributed to them surviving 5 days in a bag and acclimating so well. Within a few minutes of a “plop and drop”; They were eating flake food and live brine shrimp,

Alan h Mathies

Healthy and very nice looking Mutt Guppies and Bristle Nose Plecos.

Received my mutt guppies and plecos today alive and very active the plecos instantly went to work cleaning the glass ! Packaging was very professional , I will be buying from Michael again !
Thanks for the education and entertainment on Youtube .

James D Wheatley

Just bought guppy’s

I just bought a bunch of guppy’s got here great and they were great looking all were moving around great.

Joseph Vach

Beautiful Guppies My first time

My first time ordering and I can say everyone arrived alive and healthy! They are beautiful and will be ordering again. I am a very happy customer. Thank you again!
Laurie Rowe

Laurie Rowe

Great guppies

Beautiful healthy fish. Packaged correctly in large bags w plenty of air and water, doesn’t try to skimp by on shipping by using tiny bags. Excellent communication and customer service. Couldn’t be happier.

Ryan Beatty

nice fish

First time ordering on line and was nervous. Fish came happy and doing well for past few weeks. They were beautiful ;the tails on the females were very big and almost as impresive as the males. 😍 Very nice fish, never seen quality like this in a store. Good to support small business with someone who cares about the quality and health of the fish.

Kathleen Dougherty

My Guppy Go To!!!

Have ordered twice now and both times have been beyond impressed. USPS has been less reliable than usual bit Mike has made sure he packs his fish to survive. Will purchase again soon.

Tami Russman

awesome guppies!

top notch quality fish, superb communication with seller, primo packaging. couldn’t ask for a better buying experience.

Stacy Fleming


excellent website, healthy robust fantastic fish, great communication & outstanding customer service. highly recommended!

Bill Litt

Great Service

I was in a pinch and needed to cycle a couple tanks fast so I could move some fish, Michael sent me what I needed and went the extra mile to get me hooked up! Great guy and great company I will be ordering some fish soon!

Thank you for the help!

Brad Picardat

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