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Love My Cory’s

I just got another quality shipment from Michael’s Fishroom. I had decided to try his new Corydoras. The price was right and they came very active and healthy In the box was a nice surprise- some Dr.Baccleers fish food. My fish love it.

Looking forward to another shopping day at Michael’s Fishroom.

Carole Cox

Mutt Guppy Heaven

First time buying from Michael’s Fish Room. I have to say, Mike has The Best customer service hands down, as well you’ll be dealing with a man of Integrity about Himself & His Business. You won’t regret buying from Mike! I bought 24 Mutt Guppies (Mix of Male & Female). P.S. “I Highly Highly Recommend Express Shipping”, it’s so worth the extra shekels! They came in looking great & very active. As soon as I got them acclimated & in their new home. Dropped a little food in the tank, & they jumped on the food right away. After being in the tank for 4 day’s now, I believe 2 of the female’s have given birth to some fry. So now I have a hand full of healthy fry in the tank too. For Mutt Guppies, these guys & gals are Right Pretty if I may say so myself. The family & I are going to really enjoy these cuties. We are very happy with my purchase from Michael’s Fish Room, truly a Stand-up Guy. Thanks again Mike, stay fishy my friend! I look forward to the next batch we get from you in the very near future. Well Done Sir., well done….

Shane Dowell

Better than their pictures!

How often do we get fish and they are not as spectacular as their picture? The answer is often BUT not in the case of my experience with Michael.

I just got my order of Albino Full Platinum White Guppies. They are beyond gorgeous. They were also large and chubby. Very healthy.

I also got an Albino Bristlenose and a standard Bristlenose that were happy and healthy.

Michael is also one of the best communicators in the biz!

Carole Cox

My Mutts

My Mutts arrived today. They are acclimating now .
Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

Terrie Wakley

Red Dragon black metal lace albino full red

Mike is a stand up guy who provides stand up service and the first order I ever had with him he saved me $50 on my purchase! And was extremely helpful and responsive answered all of my questions patiently and there were a lot!! I got three strands of Guppies red dragons black metal laces albino full reds and not a single DOA every guppy was outstanding in quality and Mike also steered me away from purchasing Guppies he wasn’t too sure about and redirected me to a much better option in my opinion Mike really is the guppy man I would recommend him to anyone who wants to do honest and fair business I’ll never buy another guppy from anyone else and if you give him a try I know you’ll agree thanks Mike !

jessica dysert

Amazing mutts

I ordered the 5 pack of Male mutts. They look awesome. One fish was very stressed and probably will not make it thru the night. Michael said he would replace it. He is very nice. I will be ordering more fish from Michael in the future, and I recommend you do to.

Ken Westberry

My new guppies

Michael is so communicative .. so great .
Always ready with advice .
Last night in New York ,.. well
Most of the day .. we had a huge storm .. flash foods .., terrible terrible weather .
The little guys went through all of that .. and arrived on time .
Colored up in about one hour … and actually begged for food .. came over to the side of the tank when I came by … found something they loved … I am doing my best not to feed again !!
Love love love … so happy

Lynn Madden

Good quality and fair pricing.

Michael has come a long way since he first started.
And his stock quality has as well.
I have gotten multiple orders in from Michael at this point and all have been as good or better quality than expected. I will be putting in more orders later on once my fish room is ready for fish.

Phillip hamby

Blue dragon mosaics

The ordering process was simple, shipping was extremely fast.
Packaging of the fish was decent.
The fish……beautiful. colored up very quickly and seem to be thriving.
Will be ordering again in the future.
Mike has surpassed my expectations with fish ordering online.

Jacob Stanton


I have purchased Mutt Guppies which are absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe they were Mutts. They have breed like crazy good. Highly recommend!!!

I have also ordered a variety of bn plecos. I actually just got babies from a pair of super red bn plecos I ordered about a year ago. I recently ordered the long finned red bn plecos. Absolutely gorgeous 🥰. Super happy with my purchase and 🤞🏻I get a pair. You can’t go wrong by ordering from Michael.

Check out his YouTube’s…Michaelsfishroom for helpful and honest advice.

Robin Truitt

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