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I have purchased Mutt Guppies which are absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe they were Mutts. They have breed like crazy good. Highly recommend!!!

I have also ordered a variety of bn plecos. I actually just got babies from a pair of super red bn plecos I ordered about a year ago. I recently ordered the long finned red bn plecos. Absolutely gorgeous 🥰. Super happy with my purchase and 🤞🏻I get a pair. You can’t go wrong by ordering from Michael.

Check out his YouTube’s…Michaelsfishroom for helpful and honest advice.

Robin Truitt

Happy healthy fish Happy me

I found Michael’s Fish Room through his fun and informative YouTube channel and visited his website. Purchased some fun mutt guppies (a variety of guppy mix), a pair of yellow fancy tails and a red bristle nose. All arrived alive and healthy. I now have a beautiful community tank and my first fry!

Christine Richardson


I ordered 2 calico plecos from Michael which were listed as the last 2 on his site. Michael responded and said he no longer had the 2 calicos but was extremely nice and upgraded me to 2 super red plecos for the price of the calicos I love my Super Reds and they are happy and healthy. Thanks Michael. Much appreciated.

Marlin Bachert


I purchased 2 pairs of Dumbo-Eared Red Tails and their color popped in my aquarium right away. Must’ve known they were home :) Thanks Mike for your quality in craftsmanship and tough packaging!

Yancy Holland

Quick Response Time

Having fish delivered to the California can be very stressful for the fish. I am glad to have found Michaels Fish room and know I will receive beautiful healthy fish. Had an issue with my first delivery. I messaged Michael right away and was surprised by how quick he responded. He resolved my issue and sent my guppies as soon as they were ready to ship. Definitely will be buying more in the future.

Jose Cortes

Calico pleco

Really nice fish shipping was excellent and on time very happy with the whole process

John Wood

Really nice to deal with.

Really nice to deal with. Stands by his fish. Have placed 2 orders with him and will be doing another!

Jenny R


Shipped quickly, well packed and absolutely beautiful , healthy guppies! Will definitely order from Michael again!


The best of best

All arrived healthy and fast. They are really beautiful and can tell well taken care of. Worth the price at first I was worried,but now it is just amazing and so worth it. Not the last time I will be ordering from the handsome devil himself(talking about Taco lol) Thanks so much

Thomas Brown

Here come the babies!!!

Ordered two pairs of guppies and had the opportunity to speak with Michael. He’s a true professional and wonderful at his craft. Was happy to receive 2 plump females. Six days later our Blue Snakeskin had 25 or so babies (missed some in the tank) just in time for Mother’s Day!!! I believe the Red Lace is just days away. Thank you Michael. Wishing you continued success.

Gary Wex

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