I’m getting a pair of hybrid cichlids called the (RED PHOENIX KING CICHLIDđź‘‘) the male at 7inches the female 5 ” they’re both south and central america mixed. The male grows up to a large 28 inches the female 23″ they’re both extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely aggressive/territorial/quarrelsome and predatory. They will live in a big castle on the left side of the tank I will add citizen fish like 4 firemouth cichlids, 6 silver hatchet fish, 2 tiger loach catfish. On the right side of the tank it will be dark with red coral trees and a cave with 1 single (evil emperor male texas cichlidđź‘ľ) NOTE I’m a DEMACRAT ILIKE HYBRID CICHLIDS ALOT. WHO DO YOU THINK IS MORE AGGRESSIVE THE HYBRID PAIR I MENTIONED OR THE texas cichlid.