First time buying from Michael’s Fish Room. I have to say, Mike has The Best customer service hands down, as well you’ll be dealing with a man of Integrity about Himself & His Business. You won’t regret buying from Mike! I bought 24 Mutt Guppies (Mix of Male & Female). P.S. “I Highly Highly Recommend Express Shipping”, it’s so worth the extra shekels! They came in looking great & very active. As soon as I got them acclimated & in their new home. Dropped a little food in the tank, & they jumped on the food right away. After being in the tank for 4 day’s now, I believe 2 of the female’s have given birth to some fry. So now I have a hand full of healthy fry in the tank too. For Mutt Guppies, these guys & gals are Right Pretty if I may say so myself. The family & I are going to really enjoy these cuties. We are very happy with my purchase from Michael’s Fish Room, truly a Stand-up Guy. Thanks again Mike, stay fishy my friend! I look forward to the next batch we get from you in the very near future. Well Done Sir., well done….