Michael, from Michael’s Fish Room, was wonderful to work with (we will order again in the future, when we get more tanks, of course.) He answered what probably felt like to him, a million questions from my kids and was helpful in meeting their needs for their various science/aquaculture homeschool (& 4-H) projects. The fish were shipped Monday from the East Coast and arrived safely in South Dakota by mid-day Wednesday, even though we are in a rural location…which is saying something, because when we order baby chickens from a hatchery in Iowa, they take at least 4 days to get here (a place which we could have driven to in a few hours!) We really appreciate the speedy shipping and all of Mike’s attentive customer service.

The fish were all healthy and good looking animals. There were 3 very handsome male guppies among our order of 10 mutts, a couple of stunning colorful females and a handful of plain jane sisters (but that’s okay, that’s just how lady guppies usually are. These plain ladies had different base colors than the ones we got locally, so they should bring in lots of new genetics.)