I’ve been watching Michael on YouTube for some time now. His down-to-earth presentation style and experience-based opinions have kept me coming back. This weekend I decided I needed to do more to show my support than just subscribe – hands down a quality experience from start to finish!

I’ve watched his videos and I saw how he ships fish. I knew exactly what to expect and I got exactly what I expected. Quality.

After ordering I became concerned with the shipping times USPS quoted and dropped Michael a note. He replied quickly and assured me all would be well -he didn’t say it, but I felt he’d take care of me if things didn’t. Thankfully, a Saturday delivery expectation became Thursday and everyone made it safe and sound.

If you haven’t watched Michael’s videos, you’re missing out. If you’re on the fence about buying fish through the mail – don’t be! Michael is legit. You won’t be disappointed.