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This is a Pre Seeded Sponge filter small (or active sponge filter) This is the small size filter and is designed for moderately stocked tanks up to 20 gallons.

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This is a Pre Seeded Sponge filter smal (or active sponge filter) This is the small-sized filter and is designed for moderately stocked tanks up to 20 gallons.

This filter requires the use of an air pump to be attached using airline tubing (not included) It has been in an aquarium for at least 6 weeks to be pre-seeded with nitrifying bacteria to help jump start your cycle or even instant cycle your fish tank as seen in this video How to Instant Cycle a Fish Tank.

I recommend this style of the nitrogen cycle as opposed to a fishless cycle. I find using a Pre Seeded Sponge Filter works 100% of the time and there is no stress on the fish or worry about losing fish.

When you receive this active sponge filter, make sure to add any water in the bag to the tank. Do not worry about it being dirty. It is full of nitrifying bacteria and you do not want to throw this out or siphon it out with a water change until the aquarium is fully established.

Please remember that this pre-seeded sponge filter will only affect Ammonia levels and Nitrite levels. If you have high nitrates, you will need to do water changes to lower it. Please remember to check your source water levels when having water parameter issues.

This filter can be shipped in a box with only 2 other items (2 different strains of fish as an example) Additional shipping charges may apply when I try to fit everything in the order. I will email you before shipping if an additional charge will be applied.

Please the pictures for the actual size. The water bottle is there for reference size. This is the size filter you will receive. The actual filter may differ slightly depending on stock availability.

1 review for Pre Seeded Sponge Filter Small

  1. EVR (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these along with a large one to expedite the cycling of two brand new fish tanks that had been fishless cycling and still weren’t developing nitrifying bacteria.

    They arrived well packed and wrapped in plastic bags that helped the sponges stay wet to keep the bacteria alive during transit. Even with the delay that my local USPS branch is experiencing, I was able to receive the package in a timely manner. In my case, they did not come with lift tubes, if that matters to you. As an aside, the brand that I received would need a bit of modification if you want to use an air stone in them (the strainers are not hollow) but that’s not on Michael.

    As soon as they arrived, I placed the sponges in my bigger tank (a Fluval Flex 32.5G that had only been cycling for 8 days) which had 3 PPM of Ammonia, 0 PPM of Nitrite, and 0 PPM of Nitrate when I placed the sponges in. Sixteen hours later, ammonia had dropped to 1-2 PPM, nitrites were at 0.5-1 PPM, and nitrates were at 5 PPM. I will continue to monitor the water parameters to see how fast this tank cycles, but I can definitely certify that adding these sponges have definitely sped up the cycling of my tanks in less than a day.

    I would definitely buy from Michael’s Fish Room again. Highly recommended!

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