Breeding for Profit

Breeding for Profit

Learn about Breeding for Profit! Are you looking for a hardy, easy to breed for profit fish? Then look no farther! Most Guppy Fish from Michael’s Fish Room are prolific breeders! Also, all Guppies from Michael’s Fish Room are raised in 100% fresh water, and very very hardy!

Strains like the Cobra Guppy, Sunset Guppy or Blue Diamond Guppy are easily breed in water anywhere from 6.5 to 8.5 PH. I typically get 20-30 fry every 28ish days from a litter. Setting up a Breeding for Profit tank is very easy. I use sponge filters in all my tanks, very cheap to buy, run and maintain and it give the fry a place to graze when hungry. You will need to provide hiding places for the Guppy Fry you breed. I use Java Moss or Nadja Grass (Guppy Grass) in all of my tanks. I also feed high quality flake food from Fish Freaks Plus (

You can watch my “How to Breed Guppies” video here:

Before you decide to breed guppies for profit, you will need an outlet for all the guppy fish you make. You can start at your Local Fish Store (LFS). Some will buy them from you, some will give you store credit. Be warned though, expect roughly 30%-50% of retail price! Some will give you more if you do store credit, and some won’t. Also, most stores will not pay you for “a few” they want 25 or more to display in the tank, some want all males, some want an equal number of males and females. All this should be worked out ahead of time. I find, the relationship with your LFS is the most important in this case. If you are there every month, buy supplies there and they know your tanks and what you keep, they will trust you more, and be more willing to buy from you!

You next option is selling locally. This can be a risky proposition. I always suggest meeting in a public spot, a busy convenience store parking lot or shopping center. Also at this point you will need to learn how to bag guppy fish, not a difficult thing, but something else to know. You will also need fish bags!

Then you have selling online and shipping! This is what I do and you can buy fish here at my website

This now means you will have to learn to bag fish, ship fish, manage orders and can be overwhelming for some!


Whatever you decide, good luck! As always, if you have any questions please email me at

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